Writing & editing


English has become the global lingua franca. Replacing Latin, and its successor French, English is now the medium by which we share our thoughts across borders.


But too often original research, brilliant ideas and fascinating insights are obscured by verbiage and poor prose. Sometimes deliberately but often inadvertently, English becomes a tool of obfuscation rather than transparency.


You can’t always blame the writers. Most of us were taught to pen or type characters, but never to write. Often we are called upon to write in our second or third language. Yet the rise of digital communication has created new demands for clarity and brevity, as well as new opportunities to develop interactive documents and content that engage audiences more effectively.


No wonder that organisations keen to achieve excellence in thought leadership often seek help to formulate their ideas in writing. That’s where I come in.


I am an expert in taking complex ideas and making them accessible to a general audience without dumbing-down. And thanks to years of experience at the top of international journalism and working with global companies and organisations, I can understand the corporate or institutional context and write with precision, especially when the meaning of words may be closely scrutinised.


If you want to produce online and/or printed reports, press releases, or speeches that break new ground in clear, crisp and elegant communication, call me.