After the murderous attack on staff at Charlie Hebdo magazine in January 2015, some French school students, echoing leaders of Russia and Turkey, blamed a plot by western intelligence agencies for the slaughter.


Today, information is abundant, but much is of dubious quality. Trust in sources can only be built by rigorous quality control: every fact must be checked and confirmed, every word chosen with scrupulous care.


Readers – audiences – need analysis and opinion to help them make sense of a chaotic flood of information. To avoid overload they need relevance, brevity and the spice of originality and good writing. Journalism isn’t simply about passing on what the writer has learned: good journalism grips, entertains and inspires the desire to read or watch to the end.  It shares original thinking. It talks directly, in engaging language, to its audience.


So that is what I aim to do. If you would like me to write for you, I will try to understand your audience, and what they want to know and need to know about the subject. I will research the facts thoroughly and provide scale and context. And I will make the words as simple and engaging as I can.


If you are tired of running second-rate, me-too reporting, please commission me. You won’t be disappointed.