Let’s face it: inspiring teachers are rare as hen’s teeth.  There are plenty of people around who know more about grammar than I do, but when it comes to teaching people how to get their ideas across effectively two things set me apart. An instinctive feel for language born of a lifetime of writing enables me to show aspiring communicators how to do better. Still more important, though, is my ability to empathise with course participants and teach creatively. I constantly ‘read the room’ to assess enthusiasm, re-engage any who start drifting, and keep all on a rapid and enthusiastic learning track.


English is the world’s lingua franca, yet poor internal and external communication, whether by native speakers or those using it as a second language costs companies a fortune. Effective communication saves time, speeds decision making, and delivers competitive advantage.


If you want to learn how to seize these benefits, call or email me. You’re unlikely to be bored in my classes. Participants typically say: “It’s the best training we’ve had all year.”



“Them as can do; them as can’t, teach.”