About me...

I am a freelance business journalist and communications specialist with a pedigree that includes senior roles at two of Britain’s finest newspapers: The Times and the Financial Times.


In addition to writing for business papers and magazines, I help companies communicate their thought leadership in written form both in printed reports and on the Web. I also coach people on how to share their ideas with a wider audience, including how to focus on the essential elements in media interviews.


Based in France and fluent in French, I have strong insights into the continental European business climate and economic outlook. A long career at the coal-face of reporting has given me deep knowledge of many sectors, from energy and aerospace to creative and cultural, and a memory of how we got to where we are today. In an unstable and fast-changing world, understanding history has become more important than ever to retaining a sense of scale and context in reporting, and discerning deeper trends beyond the ‘noise’ generated by unforeseen outcomes and breathless public relations professionals.


Knowledge and experience, combined with understanding and empathy, make me a valuable partner in a diverse range of research and writing projects. They also equip me unusually well to teach. I have a strong record in developing communications skills in others, from teaching trainees at the Financial Times to coaching analysts in investment banks in writing and media interview skills. Cross-cultural knowledge and skills make me especially effective in working with those for whom English is a second or third language.